Recent Headlines: National Edition

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  • Dems Retreat on Energy, Oil-Spill Bills (The Hill)
  • Obesity Rates Continue To Rise (NYT)
  • Cars Remain Currency of Cool in Hollywood (Slate)
  • Gulf Oil Gusher 2nd Largest Ever; Still a Fraction of What Americans Consume Every Day (APTime)
  • But Government Tells Us 3/4 of Spill "No Longer a Threat" (LAT)
  • Obama’s "Plan B" on Climate Under Assault (Politico
  • The Case for Open Data in Transit (Streetfilms)
  • Livable Communities Act Clears Senate Sub-Committee (DC Streetsblog)
  • Reason Foundation: Transit a "Peripheral Concern" to National Transpo Policy

Thanks to Adam Voiland at DC Streetsblog