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7_28_10_blood_in.jpgMad As Hell: Protesting Judge Fox’s slap on the wrist hit and run sentencing in Beverly Hills at last night’s Blood In. Photo: Barleye/Midnight Ridazz
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  • Reid’s Paltry Energy Bill Includes Billions in Automotive Subsidies, Zero for Transit (TNR)
  • Ballot Measure Pits Transit and Development Advocates Against Everyone Else (Chronicle)
  • Villaraigosa Wants Bike Summit, Talks About His Crash (YouTube via LAist)
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  • Sharrows Appear on Abbot Kinney (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for High Speed Rail (CAHSR)
  • Just a Reminder: L.A. Used to Have a Lot More Smog (Curbed)
  • Save the Date: 8/13 Rally for 30/10 (The Source)