Past Weekend’s Headlines

  • Villaraigosa Defends His Record to the Daily News
  • But Paper Pushes Mayor on Land Use Issues (Daily News)
  • Mixed Use Project Could Bring "Event Station" for the Gold Line Near Dodger Stadium (blogdowntown)
  • Federal Officials Celebrate How Awesome They Are on Westside as Airplanes Thunder Overhead (LAT)
  • LAPD/Cyclist Relationship Not Perfect Yet, Cyclist cuffed and Ticketed for Nothing (Bikeside)
  • Times Looks at L.A.’s Transit History, from Red Cars to Red Line
  • Emanuel: Obama Now Considering "Infrastructure Rebuilding Bill" (WSJ)
  • Laguna Beach Residents Want to Do Away with Downhill Skate Area (LAT)
  • Does Transit Reduce Traffic, and Should That Be the Goal? (Human Transit)
  • Happy 75th Birthday, the Parking Meter! (NPR)
  • Joseph E

    An “Infrastructure rebuilding bill” and national “infrastructure bank” would be just what LA needs to get the 30-10 plan in effect.

    The feds are still able to borrow money at amazingly low rates, certainly lower than the long-term trend in construction inflation. Assuming these trends continue, employing people to build infrastructure NOW, while unemployment in the construction industry is high, and commodity prices are low, will save money, while helping get people back to work.

    This seems like a good plan with bi-partisan appeal. I only wish they had pushed for it sooner, before so much time was used on the energy bill, immigration and health care; worthy causes, but much more controversial.

  • So what happened with the whole malibu hates cyclists thing?

  • @ Jass — A group of cyclists is working behind the scenes to address problems between cyclists and the City of Malibu.

    The good news is, the Facebook page Share the Road – Share the Ticket has been taken down, and many cyclists have contacted the local paper and government officials to express their outrage.

  • bikinginla, I hope something positive comes from this. And if there is a development, I’d like to read about it here, even if it’s just in the comments area. I don’t really frequent malibu news sources