Villaraigosa on HuffPo: I Like to Bike in Los Angeles

Bicycle advocate and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa took to the Internet to talk bike policy in the aftermath of this weekend’s crash.  While there’s nothing groundbreaking in his essay; it’s nice to see our city’s political leader take a stand for bicyclists. 

If anyone thinks advocates are tilting at windmills when it comes to fighting for rights and infrastructure; consider the list of the Mayor’s achievements on cycling issues compared to where the city stood one year ago.  Villaraigosa lists the Measure R set-aside from the city’s local return funds, the new relationship between the LAPD and the cycling community, and the newest draft of the Bike Plan as reasons cyclists should feel good about the city.  One year ago, cyclists were attacking a previous draft of the Bike Plan, the LAPD was doing everything it could to hide documents relating to a bungled traffic report after a hummer drug a bicycle through the Downtown, and the Measure R set-aside was far from a done deal.

But today, the news is that L.A. does have a cycling mayor, and according to the Huffington Post, he’s already itching to getting back on his bike:

I will be back on my bike as soon as I’m able, and I hope to see more
Angelenos out there with me.

We’ll be there, Mr. Mayor.  Now, if only we could get you to stop calling his crash an "accident."

  • Hey, we got the LAPD on LACM, maybe Mayor V will be next…then maybe all of Los Angeles, some day, will skip the traffic on Friday evenings and everyone will just ride a bike. The actions of a public official can go a long way. I’m glad he’s making some efforts to at least see the world from behind handlebars.

  • Allan

    If it wasn’t for the crash, I would have never known that the Mayor is a bicycle advocate. Strange how things workout.

  • Rich

    Not trying to be an ass, but I just have to mention that the incorrect use of semicolons is starting to get to me. These instances call for commas. SORRY!

  • The draft bike plan that just got published is actually a LOT better than the piece of bum wipe the city put out a couple of years ago. If we can put a little more teeth in the plan’s policies (which are actually quite good) and get some phased capital improvements scheduled in the plan (i.e. when, exactly, are we going to try and build the bike lane on North Figueroa St.?) then the mayor will deserve his “green” reputation.

  • Hear hear, ubrayj02!

    If you want to learn more about the specifics for the bike plan and put your questions directly to City Planning, make sure to register for both webinars this Thursday.

  • Erik G.

    Could we also get better regulation of the Taxicab industry out of this?

    Bigger cab license numbers on the exterior of cabs sure would help.

    Higher standards for driver training? Fewer licenses to improve salaries?

    And What I don’t get about the mayor’s incident is that he has a security detail, and none of them thought to let the others handle the mayor’s injuries and ride fast ahead to at least catch a glimpse of the offending cab’s identifiers?

  • @Erik G. – Living in LA reported that the cab driver did stop and that information was exchanged.

  • Correction – BIKING in LA reported that. Sorry.

  • Jose Sandoval

    Yep probably we will seem him IN LACM next week if anything iam 100% sure on that and to see the LAPD ride with us again to be safer


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