Open Letter to Streetsbloggers


Just a couple of weeks ago, I believed that I would be writing my last post at L.A. Streetsblog next Friday.  As it turns out, having listened to all of you and talked to OpenPlans, it now seems likely that L.A. Streetsblog will continue publishing instead of migrating our efforts to a new website.  Nothing is official yet, and the the fiscal issues still remain.  But if I had to bet, I would bet that this fall I’ll be back writing full-time at L.A. Streetsblog.

However, I haven’t been happy with the product I’ve been able to put out here while working to create the non-profit that will raise the funds for L.A. Streetsblog and actually do the fundraising.  For example, on Wednesday I wrote a story about coming bus cuts at Metro that was very similar to one Dana wrote last month.  To make matters worse, Dana’s article was better than mine.

So, while we’re working things out, setting things up, and raising funds; L.A. Streetsblog will continue to publish news and views on transportation and Los Angeles.  But we won’t be publishing on a daily basis.  During this lull we also won’t be regularly syndicating stories from the other Streetsblogs.  In the late summer or early fall we’ll be back better than ever, but in the meantime there’s a lot of other work to do.


And now for some good news, our early efforts to bring in some new funds, have met with success.  The Bohnett Foundation has graciously pledged $2,500 to either reboot L.A. Streetsblog or start up another site.  While reader donations have been generous this year, let’s see if we can match their support with donations of our own by the end of the month.  Also, mark you calendars, because on August 25th, we’re going to throw a party to celebrate our "re-launch" at St. Andrew’s West L.A.  Look for details on that fundraiser next week.

Thanks for sticking with us in this challenging time.  We promise that things will be back to normal soon.


  • When you gonna let us bike snobs, merch pushers, and capitalist pigs advertise up on this her blog?

  • i’m glad to hear this blog will be sticking around — it’s too important to give up. i’m honestly a bit disappointed that more LA folks didn’t step up to keep it funded, but that’s not my battle. there are just so many ways that money can be raised, it’s ridiculous. 8 zillion bikers in LA and we can’t raise $100k? damn.

  • Good news indeed. Looking forward to the fundraiser and will consult with my banker at Goldman Sachs in the interim to see what we can do. Congrats!

  • I agree with ubrayj02, why no ads?

    Also, please at least continue to provide daily headlines.

  • Ubrayj: Stay tuned. They’re coming

    Peter: We never really did a serious fundraising campaign. I bet we end up with the ability to really expand what we’re doing when all is said and done.

    Jass: Dude, the headlines are a big pain! We’ll do them occasionally still. We’ll call them “what we missed” or something like that…

  • for your daily headline needs.

  • Damien, I hope you dont mind me saying that as someone who doesnt live in LA, the headlines are one of my favorite parts. Obviously, I enjoy the articles, but the only thing better than the headlines for me would be “eyes on the street” news.

  • Oh, and also, I look forward to the inevitable Toyota ads running next to an article about a driver in a corolla killing two pedestrians.

  • I left another minuscule donation using the Donate with Paypal. Hope even the tiniest donation helps.

  • Congratulations for securing support from the David Bohnett Foundation! I’m excited that the Bohnett Foundation continued their longtime support for bicycling in Los Angeles by awarding LA Streetsblog this grant. I encourage readers of this blog to match this gift by making your own donation to LA Streetsblog today. Thanks.

  • Ken Ruben


    Congratulations on continuing with some funding and other items to show up later.

    You know I look forward to your articles and those of our mutual friend, Dana Gabbard.

    In fact, we were just talking about your website briefly yesterday.

    Best of luck to you and hope to be seeing or talking to you soon.

    —“Ken” Ruben—

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