Today’s Headlines

7_8_10_bp.jpgBP once sponsored a game about cleaning up oil spills. Thanks, CNN
  • BART Officer Murder Trial Verdict: Guilty of Manslaughter (LAT)
  • High Speed Rail Authority to Study L.A. to Anaheim Shared Tracks (The Source)
  • Gov. Signs Bill Kicking Yellow Stickers Out of Carpool Lane on 1.1.11 (Curbed)
  • CAHSR Panel Defends Numbers from Berkely Report (LAT)
  • Feds Skip Funding Downtown Streetcar (LAist)
  • Woman Loses Control of Vehicle, Hits Power Poll, Knocks Out Power (Daily News)
  • L.A. River is Navigable?  Great, More Things to Cover (Creek Freak)
  • Diane Rehm Show Devotes Full Hour to History and Future of Parking Garages
  • What You Need to "Dump the Pump" (The Source)
  • Gas Prices Fall Slightly (Daily News)
  • Joseph E

    Yay, LA river! It certainly looks navigable in Long Beach this time of year, with at least a couple feet of fast-flowing water in the center channel.

    Perhaps we could get a downtown river “lake” like Tempe AZ, with ferries!

    Or we could start an LA river kayak sharing program. The tourists loves the Kayak rentals in Belmont Shore.

    Gondola rides? Starchy ( commenter) would be happy. ;-)