Today’s Headlines

  • Kerry, Lieberman, Obama Buckle on Climate Bill (Politico, NYT)
  • No Decision Yet on Whether Transpo Emissions Will Be Capped (Transpo Nation)
  • Source Readers Believe Congress and the President Will Move on 30/10
  • What’s with the Covered Sharrows on Westholme? (Biking In LA)
  • Rollerball Star Chris Klein to Be Arraigned on DUI (LAT, LAist)
  • Councilman and Metro Board Member Jose Huizar to Face Electoral Challenge in 2011 (LA_Now)
  • Everyone Shocked by Death of Girl at "Rave."  Where’s the Outrage for the People Killed by Cars? (LAT)
  • Driver "Doesn’t See" Couple in Crosswalk (Glendale News-Press)
  • Get Ready for an Election Season Full of Empty Rhetoric About Gulf Oil Spill (NYT)
  • The Wall Street Journal Is Sick of Jane Jacobs
  • I wish the WSJ had even half as much to contribute to good urban design as Jane Jacobs.

  • bb

    “The volume of patients in need of hospital care led several emergency room physicians on Monday to call for an end to raves at the Coliseum.”

    “The event, held Friday and Saturday, drew about 185,000 people to carnival rides, five stages and performances by Moby,, Steve Aoki and Deadmau5. About 120 required transport to local hospitals, mostly for drug intoxication.”

    “”We’ve got kids in inappropriate situations that are dying,” Keith said. “That’s a city-, state-, county-owned building. They throw it, they rent it, yet they fill it full of minors in a setting where everybody knows what a rave is about. Where’s the accountability?””

    We’ve got kids in inappropriate situations being killed and or injuries. a pedestrian said. That’s a city, state, or county owned road. They allow it, the regulate it, yet they fill it with minors in a setting everyone knows what driving a motor vehicle is about. Where’s the accountability.

  • Travis

    What a ‘great’ WSJ article…

    “Ultimately, many of the policies she advocated blocked real-estate developmentā€”causing prices of existing housing stock to rise and pricing out all but the wealthiest residents.”

    I’d say that this is exactly why Jane Jacobs was right… better places to live will be more expensive (aka valuable) places to live, in the long run of capitalistic america.

  • “I think it’s tragic when a 15-year-old girl dies in this way as a result of a public policy that put her at risk,” Johnston said. “Can you imagine explaining that to her parents?”

    I dont know, Mr Johnston, how are the 140 daily US traffic deaths explained?

  • Erik G.

    The Coliseum and the Sports Arena should have been torn down years ago and the land (museums excepted) should have been donated to USC.

    As for the Jane Jacobs basher, funny that he is head of the organization that is trying to revitalize Jamaica, New York since that was the one part of New York City which Robert Moses did most to radically alter for the benefit of the car. The Van Wyck cuts through the area and drains it of life.