Tonight’s Coverage of Critical Mass Brought to You By…


Not that I’m going to complain about NBC’s coverage of bicycling issues, in addition to three stories about Critical Mass they’re also the only station to have covered Sharrows; but couldn’t we have given the car advertisements a rest for one story?

  • If Jaguar and Dodge want to pay to bring me coverage on bicycling issues, I’m fine with that.

  • Joseph E

    Most publishers have no direct control over when advertisements run, especially on the web.

    Now, when Metro lets car companies put ads on their buses, that’s a mistake.

  • I get how the advertising works. I just had to laugh when I saw this over the weekend. No matter how many times i refreshed, I got car ads. They weren’t always the same, but they were always for cars.

  • Funny, but not surprising…

    When the bicycle industry starts using targeted ad buys on mainstream news sites, we’ll know we’ve made it ;0)

  • I feel the same way when I see car ads in news story about the oil spill.

    Yes, I understand the ads are put in automatically by a computer program…but still. Perhaps someone should change the database so the word “oil” no longer triggers “car ad”

  • Damien,
    Thanks for pointing out the irony!


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