Today’s Headlines

6_28_10_th.jpgBike Corrals at Santa Monica Public Library. Photo: EvanG/Flickr
  • Bikeside Puts a Human Spin on Friday’s Critical Mass
  • More Coverage of Critical Mass (NBC4, Bicycle Fixation)
  • Enviros Demand Environmental Review for Downtown Stadium (LAT)
  • Electeds Celebrate Groundbreaking for Foothill Extension (The Source)
  • Metrolink Board Approves Fare Hikes, Service Cuts (Fox L.A., via LAist)
  • Daily News: It Doesn’t Matter Where the Cameras Are from, There’s Other Problems
  • C’Mon L.A. Now, What’s So Hard About: Driver Kills Cyclist in Long Beach
  • Better: Pedestrian Killed by Hit and Run Driver (LA_Now)
  • C’Mon Mayor V.: Let’s Get L.A. Off Oil by Driving Less, Not Driving Better (HuffPo)
  • Oakland Has Its Oaklavia (SF Streetsblog)
  • BP Buys Off Boycotters With Cheap Gas (News)
  • Things Are Tough All Over: PRT Dreams Shattered From Minnesota to Abu Dhabi (Biz Week, Avidor)