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  • Interesting that it is finally sinking in that the spur through West Hollywood of the Wilshire subway extension has poor ridership projections for federal funding. The numbers were there early in the process but the boosters have been in denial. I have long predicted only the Wilshire segment will advance to be a candidate for federal funding, in combo with the regional connector. I have to imagine the meeting tomorrow at Plummer Park will be interesting when the boosters are no longer able to evade reality. Maybe they will embrace the Crenshaw light rail northern extension that some see as the more viable means of serving W. Hollywood…

  • Michael

    Every time I see these maps, the one question that always pops into my mind is, “Why aren’t the Expo and Purple lines connected in Santa Monica?” It seems that with their planned end points so close, a transfer point would be useful. As how they’re shown now, a short trip from say Expo/Westwood to the VA would require going all the way to Downtown and back. It reminds me of the Green line where it stops just short of LAX and on the other end, just short of Metrolink.

  • I don’t think anyone is in “denial”, Dana. People are just encouraging rail service they would like to see in their area.

    If we hadn’t been encouraging it passionately, we wouldn’t EVER see it, as a future extension of the Purple Line, the Crenshaw Line or any rail line.

    With all the selfish NIMBYs in Hancock Park and Beverly Hills and Cheviot Hills, it must be refreshing for Metro to work with a community that is passionately supportive of rail coming to their neighborhood.

    As a Metro Staffer told me after a planning meeting for MOS-4, the West Hollywood extension — “Even if this branch doesn’t go for Federal funding at this time, Metro has spent a lot of time and money studying this corridor and knows that it needs something.”

    If we hadn’t been pushing a Santa Monica Blvd. aligbment, we never would have received anything — no studies, no interest, no resources. That the Crenshaw Line extension maps are showing connections to Wilshire much farther west than LaBrea is revealing too.

    Metro hasn’t exactly been subtle about the fact that the Purple Line submission for federal funding will likely only be the first three MOS to the V.A. and the Regional Connector.

    I imagine Denny Zane isn’t happy either that Santa Monica has been pushed back to MOS-5 and extending the Purple Line all the way to the beach through Santa Monica is unlikely to be part of the seek for federal funding as well. If that is the case, I wish they would put the Bundy stop back in MOS-3.


    As for why the Purple Line and Expo Line don’t meet up in Santa Monica, it is a fair question. I would love to have seen a “Coney Island” type terminal there.

  • If the Santa Monica Blvd./West Hollywood alignment does end up as part of the northern extension of the Crenshaw Line project via San Vicente rather than as a spur of the Purple Line, I think blow of the loss of a one-seat ride to the beach would certainly be softened by the realization that riders would be gaining a one-seat ride to the LAX station.