Today’s Headlines

6_16_10_laist.comLAist calls this the "optimistic alternative" for the Westside Subway
  • Is This Subway Ever Going to Make it "to the Sea?" (LAist)
  • Plan for Truck Driver Training Facility Stalled (Daily News)
  • More from the Soap Box on the placement of those Sharrows
  • O.C. Breaks Ground on Large HOV Project (Register)
  • Long Beach Slimming Its Streets (Planetizen)
  • Time to Fit Chris Klein with a Breathalyzer (LA_Now)
  • The Path of Least Resistance for Cyclists (Burbank Leader)
  • Obama Admin. Needs to Sell Country that What’s Good for Cities is Good for Everyone (The Hill)
  • Does This Mean I Have to Be Nice to the Times? (LA_Now)