Today’s Headlines

6_9_10_harman.jpgJane Harman and 30/10 Seem to have momentum.

  • Fox Business Makes the Case for Higher Gas Tax
  • Villaraigosa: Texting While Driving = Bad (LAist, HuffPo, AP)
  • Rutten: 30/10 Most Important Initiative of Villaraigosa (LAT)
  • Zev: We’re "on Track" for the Subway to Westwood Before 2020 (Press Release)
  • Subtlety Abandoned: The Source Uses Three Exclamation Points to Urge Readers to Call their Congressman
  • Blue Line Cuts Through Several L.A.’s (LAT)
  • Friends Call Him Spiritual, I Call Him a 4 Time Hit and Run Driver (SF Chronicle)
  • Why Isn’t L.A. More Like NYC (Traveling Local)

The Election

  • Whitman, Fiorina, Cruise (LAT)
  • Harman Beating Winograd Handily (Daily Breeze)
  • Karen Bass Also with a Big Lead (CQ Politics)
  • Janice Hahn Doesn’t Have Enough Juice to Challenge Newsom (Daily Breeze)