More Service Cuts Coming Before the End of the Year

6_8_10_bus.jpgIf I lived on Beverly, cancelling the 714 would make me bitter. Photo: biofriendly/flickr

Amidst the discussion of Metro’s impending fare increase previous
Streetsblog posting have noted even with additional funds from the
state along with the addition fare revenues Metro still has a deficit
and plans to close it (in part) with service reductions.

Now the details on these are becoming available. Metro is presenting to
the various Governance Councils
details on staff’s proposals for
service changes to be implemented in December. Public Hearings will be
held during the month of August at each scheduled Governance Council
meeting to receive public comment on the proposals. Following the
public hearing, staff will return in September to the Councils with a
report summarizing all public comments received along with revised
staff recommendations. The Councils will have the final say as to what
changes (if any) are to be implemented except that any proposed changes
to Tier 1 services, which include Rapid Bus, must come before the MTA
Board for its approval before they are implemented.

Kymberleigh Richards summarized the proposals in a posting on the
SO.CA.TA member board, which she has kindly given permission to
share below. It should be noted a number of the lines proposed for
cancellation have faced a similar fate in the past and ducked the
bullet. This is because the Councils generally have some wiggle room as
to what the package of changes they agree to consists of. Community
input has a large impact on what changes occur. In the coming weeks
Metro will gear up its publicity machine regarding the proposal
hearings, but I though it would be useful to provide an early heads up.

Lines proposed for complete cancellation:
168 (Lassen-Paxton)
177 (Sierra Madre Villa-JPL)
214 (Broadway-Main Loop)
220 (Robertson Blvd.)
439 (Downtown-LAX Express)
608 (Crenshaw Connection)
620 (Boyle Heights Shuttle)

Lines proposed for partial cancellation or restructuring:
202 (Willowbrook-Compton-

Wilmington) – cancel shortline trips
607 (Windsor Hills-Inglewood Shuttle) – run service only as a clockwise loop
625/626 (Green Line-LAX Shuttles) – combine into single line, truncate north of Imperial/La Cienega, 20 minute headway

Rapid cancellations:
711 (Florence) – approx. 2/3 of saved hours to increased 111 service
714 (Beverly) – same increase (2/3 of savings) to 14
715 (Manchester-Firestone) – same increase to 115
753 (Central) – same increase to 53
920 (Wilshire Rapid Express) – half of savings to increased 720

Rapid weekend-only cancellations:
750 (Ventura) – 2/3 of savings to 150
762 (Atlantic) – half of savings to 260
780 (Colorado-Hollywood) – 2/3 to 180/181

in the category of "oops, that wasn’t such a good idea after all", Line
287, which was extended over the route of Line 68 as part of the
Eastside Extension bus/rail interface plan, is to be cutback at
Montebello Towne Center, with the replacement service between there and
Indiana Station being provided by … extending Line 68!

Per the
San Fernando Valley council decision in March, Line 902 will also be
considered for cancellation … or another six month extension of the
demonstration … or making the line permanent … or making the
elected officials who thought it up ride it every day until they get
tired of it. (Yes, I made that last part up.) Apparently staff wants to
see the absolute latest bad ridership numbers before making a formal
recommendation, and will list it in the public hearing notice the same
way it was in the last one, which is "consider making demonstration
line permanent".


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