Today’s Headlines

6_1_10_metro.jpgThis is going to be totally worth it…we promise…
  • Different Takes on Fridays Critical Mass v LAPD (LA Weekly, Fox, Curbed, Bikeside, KTLA, Soap Box, KPCC)
  • And the Photog Advocates Are Pissed! (Carlos Miller)
  • Biking In L.A. Has the Official Police Statement
  • LAPD Tough on Drivers Too.  They’ll Be Tough on This Kind of Driver at This Time and at This Place… (Daily News)
  • Oil Still Gushing Into Gulf of Mexico as Hurricane Season Begins (NYT
  • DASH Bus Cuts Leaving Some Student Commuters Without a Ride (Neon Tommy)
  • CHP Trying to Find Highway Sniper (LA_Now)
  • Brawls Break Out at Venice Broadwalk As Well (LAT)
  • LaHood: We Haven’t Endorsed Transit
    Operating Aid Bill
  • Obama Admits Mistakes in Spill Response, Won’t Admit Offshore Drilling
    Is a Mistake (NYT)
  • Charles Krauthammer Incapable of Connecting Deepwater Drilling to Oil
    Dependence (News)