Today’s Headlines

What happens when you build more infrastructure than you can maintain. Via

  • SoapBox Wraps Up Bikeside Speaks!
  • Policy Changes Coming from LAPD//Cyclist Task Force (SoapBox)
  • Your Stimulus Dollars At Work, LACBC Hiring a "Bike Wrangler" (LACBC Blog
  • Gold Line Fillmore Station Redesign Almost Complete (Brigham Yen)
  • ‘Click It Or Ticket’ Campaign Underway Again (Daily News)
  • Oil Rig Proposal in Santa Barbara Relying on Support at Ballot Box (LAT)
  • Feds Powerless to Contain BP Oil Leak (NYT)
  • …But They Can Reduce Oil Dependence (Grist)
  • Does Rich Guy Rift Damage NFL Stadium’s Chances? (Biz Journal via Curbed)
  • Maximum Sentence in USC Hit and Run (LAT)
  • The Sentencing of Adrianna Bachan’s Killers Is Major News (Google)
  • Yglesias Reports on Shanghai’s Contraflow Bike Lanes

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