Today’s Headlines

5_24_10_liua.jpgBillboards popping up around Colorado. Photo: National Journal
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  • My Hometown Hosts a Teeney-Tiny Bike to Work Day (Reading Eagle)
  • While Steve Hymon is probably correct Martha Welborne’s junket to Curitiba (paid for by a non-profit) of local politicos resulted in L.A.’s then Mayor Richard Riordan becoming gung-ho for Metro Rapid. But some actually credit the trip as being the inspiration for the program. In fact it was already in development internally at Metro as an outgrowth of the mid-90s westside transit restructuring study. I should know because I attended the meeting in Miarcle Mile where Rex Gephart first shared the concept.

    This is an interesting appointment. Welborne is a can-do type with loads of political connections. I think Leahy’s memo isn’t exaggerating in promoting her as someone who can enormously help 30 in 10 to become a reality. Quite a coup for the agency.