Today’s Headlines

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  • Trader Joe’s Opens at Hollywood and Vine.  Bike Parking Included after a Long, Long, LONG Fight. (The Source, Soapbox)
  • LA, Santa Monica, Claremont, El Monte All Part of the LASB Photo Blog…Whither Long Beach, Pasadena? 
  • Of Course, In Westwood It Was Bike to Campus Week (Be a Green Commuter)
  • Cyclist Debate Over Value of Bike to Work Week Hits Facebook
  • Meet Metro’s New COO (The Source)
  • Even Lance Armstrong Can Take a Spill (Daily News)
  • UCLA Mourns Two Students, Killed in Traffic Crash 3,000 Miles Away (LAT)
  • Now The Atlantic Sings the Praises of Narrow Streets
  • No, Really, What Was Up with the Glendale Police Blaming a Dead Cyclist for His Death? (Soap Box)
  • Impressive: Philadelphia to Double Bike Lane Miles; Amazing: Inquirer Assigns Cyclist to Story
  • Yesh, Rick Caruso is raising trial ballons again about running for Mayor of L.A. Do we reallty want Riordan redux?

    “He also imagines a monorail along Interstate 10 from downtown Los Angeles to the coast going up faster than a planned “subway to the sea,” which could take decades to build.”

    I pray if he does run he uses some of his millions to get some advisors who know something about transportation and can make him understand why this monorail fever-dream is a bad idea…

  • Damien, Trader Joe’s never put in the racks. Never planned to put in the racks. There are no racks. We were only lobbying to get in the racks with the help of a bunch of local residents, cyclists and non-cyclists, to get the racks in for the grand opening.

    Stephen has been talking to everybody at Trader Joe’s, the CRA, the Metro, the Develpoers, Garcetti and Hollywood Chambers and nobody knows nothing and everybody blames the no-bike rack issue on everybody else.

    We’re boycotting and so should all cyclists and local residents. I’m very disappointed at Trader Joe’s! I will never look at them the same way again. Major disappointment for me!