All Aboard for National Rail Symposium in Long Beach


As the LA
area slowly inches toward having a viable rail network, we occasionally
need to be reminded of the tremendous benefits passenger rail can have
for our region. And we’ll have a great opportunity to do so next week,
when the 2010 Community Transportation EXPO comes to Long
Beach. The conference is presented by the Community Transportation Association, a prestigious
DC based transit advocacy group.

One of the main focuses of the event is the Passenger Rail Symposium, being
held next Monday through Tuesday at the Long Beach Convention Center.
The event is grouped into four main sessions: Setting the National Rail
Agenda, Passenger Rail: A Corridor-Based Future, Rail’s Role in
Connecting and Building Communities, and Regionalism: Passenger Rail’s
Emerging Role (see the event’s web page
for more information). Registration is $50, which includes access to
all sessions and a free luncheon on Tuesday (note: this fee does not
cover other events at the expo). To register, check out the expo’s registration page. This is a great opportunity to
see first hand how people nationwide are working to build better trains
for our cities.

The expo also has a number of other events going on all week. On
Sunday, the expo kicks off with its annual "Roadeo", a nationwide transit operator competition
which has gained the reputation of being something of a World Series for
bus drivers. Continuing through Thursday, the conference includes
panels, workshops, and training sessions related to rail, buses, and
other forms of transportation.

The best part? The conference takes place two blocks from a train
station. Eager Angelenos can save a trip down the 710 by riding the Blue
Line to Transit Mall, then walking over to the convention center.

  • My memory from the Mobility 21 Conference being held there one year is the Long Beach Convention center is one of those high above street level buildings with a gazillion stair steps to climb to reach it. There are elevators but very elusive to find.

  • Erik G.

    You can walk from the Blue Line south on Locust “The Promenade”, cross Ocean, then follow the red brick walk on the south-western side of the intersection. This will lead you to a foot bridge that takes you right into the lobby. From there any up and down will be inside the Convention Center.

  • LAofAnaheim

    Real question is…………is there validated parking for an event centered around rail?

  • Joseph E

    Parking is normally $10 at the convention center, not included in your registration, unless this event is an ironic exception.

    Why is this held during the week? A weekend would have been better for locals with day-jobs.

  • The convention center is at street level. It’s just that the street is Ocean Boulevard and not Pine Avenue. Rookie mistake is to walk down Pine rather than use the elevated Promenade. For the most part, walking around downtown Long Beach is no big deal.

    I love that the symbol of this transportation conference is a rusty, financially-troubled, haunted, IMMOBILE ocean liner.

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