Today’s Headlines

  • Cyclists Shot in K-Town in Altercation with Bike Thieves…Last Month…(Biking In L.A.)
  • Memo to the Mayor, If You’re Serious About Bike Ped., Go After Federal TIGER Grants (Switchboard)
  • Ubrayj in the Business Journal: Replace Car Parking with Bike Parking
  • Metrolink Prepping Crash Absorbent Trains (LAT, Daily News)
  • At least One LAPD Cop Serious About Distracted Driving (LAT)
  • Is Glendale the Next Berkley?  (Glendale News-Press)
  • Parks (As in Open Space, not the Counciman) Feeling the Budget Squeeze (LAT)
  • Audit Shows City Departments Can’t Always Find What They Bought (LA_Now)
  • LADOT Bike Blog Celebrates Bike Corral Motion’s Passage
  • Times Square Scare Gives New Yorkers Everyone Another Reason to Fear Automobiles (NYT)
  • The Gulf oil spill catastrophe may not be a local headline, but Los Angeles certainly does its part to add to the demand for oil. Surely, this is another devastating consequence of our unbalanced transportation system.

  • LAofAnaheim

    Good article of the ridiculously high mandated parking requirements in LA. This is probably our biggest detractor from infill development.

  • CalGrad

    its Berkeley, not Berkley…