Today’s Headlines

  • Unenforced Texting Ban Having No Impact on Drivers (LAT)
  • LACBC Celebrates!  10% for Bike/Peds! (LACBC Blog)
  • More on the Bike/Ped Funding Drama in City Hall (LAist, Daily News, Biking In L.A.)
  • Daily News: Neighborhood Council’s Are Not a Luxury
  • Metro Rider Has a Fun Series: The NBA Playoffs of Transit
  • Blogger Slams Sprawl and Road Design in the Valley (Here in Van Nuys)
  • When the Police Can’t Catch a Drunk Driver, It’s Time to Call on Cyclists (Daily Breeze)
  • Pretty Woman Actor Jason Alexander Not Cited for Crash with Cyclist (Celebrity Cafe)

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  • Brian

    Every day the bus I’m on is crawling in traffic somewhere.

    Often it’s on Wilshire near the 405.

    Almost every driver I look down upon (literally more than figuratively) is texting/emailing. The rest are usually picking their noses.

    If I was a sworn officer, I could easily record their description/plates and relay to a motorcycle officer on the street.

    Is it really that hard?

  • Evan

    “Pretty Woman Actor Jason Alexander”? Is “Seinfeld” too obvious?

  • I agree with Brian. The only way to see texting is from above….such as from a high floor bus (or standing in the low floor area). One officer can ride and have others on motorcycles follow and detain.