Gritzner Pleads “No Contest” to Hit and Run of Roadblock

Screen_shot_2010_04_16_at_12.02.16_PM.pngGritzner via Facebook

Earlier today, Glenn Gritzner, through his attorney, pleaded "no contest" in the hit and run case where he struck the popular local cyclist known as Roadblock and fled the scene of the crash at 1:00 a.m. last May 19.  Gritzner’s plea was to a class 1 misdemeanor for property damage and he also stipulated to the facts in the case.  He will not lose his license, he will most likely not do jail time. 

So what is his punnishment?  He will be booked within the next six months and he has to pay restitution to Roadblock.  In addition he can choose from one of three ways to pay off his sentence: a $510 fine which as anyone that has a traffic ticket knows will cost much more, in this case $2,000, 47 hours community service or a week in county jail.

In addition to Roadblock, Alex Thompson and Sara Bond of Bikeside were present at the hearing and Alex tweeted much of the news @AlexBCT. Bikeside also has full coverage of today’s proceedings.  But this story isn’t over yet.  A civil trial is still pending.

  • Nice to know you can run a cyclist over, flee the scene and the state will still consider you a good driver, worthy of having a license.

    Why don’t they just give him a pat on the back, and say “Good job! Now go out and get another one!”

  • joe

    I can only hope that he pays for this is civil court. The lesson we all learn from this is that it’s less expensive to flee the scene of an accident if your drunk then to stick around and get charged with a DUI.

    I think any hit and run crime should get more punishment then a DUI.

  • Kip Gossamer

    $500 fine and Cal Trans? wow. That makes me feel safer on the streets… thanks Trutanich.

  • DJwheels

    Hit and runs affect EVERYONE…not just pedestrians or cyclists, but motorists as well.

    The motivation to flee is always strong, and perhaps even more sinister and calculated than someone who drinks and drives.

  • TheDudeAbides

    The guy was obviously drunk when he hit they cyclist. The laws need to be changed to give a stiffer penalty to those who leave the scene than those who cause injury and damage whilst under the influence. There is an incentive to flee if all you get a slap on the wrist.

  • Kip Gossamer

    just think about it people. Glenn Gritzner and people just like him are driving around town, around parks, your children, your grandma, your house. I don’t feel safe knowing that people like this are let off the hook so easy.

    Since it is so hard to convict a hit and run driver, how about we make a law that any vehicle involved in a hit and run is confiscated and sold.

  • Spokker

    At least we trolled his blog pretty good.

  • la rider

    Fuck that shit. He got off better than somebody getting a DUI. Our system is bullshit. I’ve known people with 1 DUI get more punishment. How is this possible?

    Wow makes me sad that almost killing somebody and leaving the crime is just a fucking traffic ticket.

    Sorry for the French, but this is just unbelievable to me.

  • la rider

    Maybe it’s time for a riot ala Rodney King style. This is just bullshit.

    Shot heard around the world. Run, don’t stick around, your much better off. Hear that LAPD. You just told everybody who is following the case that they should never stick around after hitting someone or something.

  • la rider

    Oh and another thing, it’s ok to hit somebody on a bike, they won’t punish you. Just use your morale compass in determinig whether or not you want to kill somebody.

  • Harmon Winkler

    It’s not really the LAPD’s fault… It’s Trutanich. His office is the one that jails someone for an illegal billboard (because it interfered with the back drop of the oscars boohoo!) but drags his feet to move on the Ed Magos case or even this Glenn Gritzner guy…. Jail for Billboards and cal trans for drunks who mow people down. Thankyou Trutanich you ole SOFTY!

  • Jack Stephonovic

    Drunks and illegals have long known that it’s better to run than own up to their mistakes. California law encourages people to run exactly as this case shows. It’s a dirty little secret that our legislators will have to put in a lot of work to fix. unfrtunately The precious few times that a hit and run suspect is caught, the crime is punished with a slap on the wrist, even when the victim is severely injured or dies…

    By the way interesting google search on Gritzner. He is in bed with Fabian Nunez former speaker of the assembly. Gritzner apparently Works at Mercury PR a firm that Nunez owns. They seem to have a say in influencing CA politics. Interesting that Nunez’s son is in trial for murder in San Diego.. Birds of a feather….

  • skd

    Is this the dude who hit Roadblock and fled in his Jaguar? Check his blog.
    Had he been drinking? With that big, old cocktail on his Blog, I am sure he throws back a few.
    Check his credit card records. Does it have charges for alcoholic beverages on it before he got in his car and drove through the city then hit a bicyclist and fled?

  • la rider

    This isn’t even a biking issue. This is a huge oversight in our judicial system.

    Mother’s Against Hit and Runs


    C’mon let’s do it for the children (`sarcasm`, It’s always for the children. Stupid people seem to respond to that rally cry for any issue.)


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