Thanks Everyone. Friday Night Rocked

4_12_10_crowd.jpgEveryone has a good time at the Eco-Village.

Thanks to everyone that made Friday night such a spectacular one for Los Angeles Streetsblog at our first party and fundraiser at the legendary Los Angeles Eco-Village.  Over sixty revelers attended and got to enjoy good food, good drink, good music, a Streetfilm, and the best company one could hope to find anywhere.  We exceeded our high estimate for attendees, over sixty three people packed the courtyard (and that’s a non-inflated number) and we raised over $1,700; demolishing our goal of $1,500.

One last shout-out to everyone that helped out.  Our amazing host committee: Deborah Murphy, Joe Linton, Ron Milam, Ivy London and Julia Russell.  Our gracious sponsors, New Belgium Brewing, Trader Joe’s and, of course, the Eco-Village.  Deborah Murphy worked double-duty behind the food table serving both her own creations and those from my wife and sister-in-law, Marybeth and Dawn Newton.  And of course, the salad.  By combining the greens of the Eco Home and Eco-Village we had the most environmentally sustainable salad ever.

And last, but not least, the entertainment.  Telematique provided nearly an hour of string music and we had our first screening of an L.A. created and produced Streetfilm by Ivy London.

As the event was winding down, Lois Arkin commented to me that our next event should be a bike ride.  Your wish is our command, Lois!  Look for more information on our June 4th fundraiser with Flying Pigeon L.A. and the Eastside Bike Club soon.  In the meantime, you can find pictures from last Friday’s event after the jump.  Unless otherwise noted, all images are from the Streetsblog account on Flickr.

4_12_10_lasb1.jpgDeborah behimd the table.

4_12_10_lasb3.jpgDan Koeppel and Siel Ju

4_12_10_lois_1.jpgAnyone want to take bets on how old Sammy is before he hates my yellow shirt? Photo: Lois Arkin/Flickr

4_12_10_telematique.jpgAurisha and Somer, Telematique. Photo: Lois Arkin/Flickr
4_12_10_eco.jpgThe award winning Eco-Village.  Photo: Lois Arkin/Flickr
4_12_10_lois2.jpgDamien and Ted Rogers, Biking In L.A.
Las Mujeres de La Ciudad de Luces.  Photo: Ramon Martinez/Flickr
4_12_10_lasb4.jpgIvy and Joe set up the Streetfilm.
4_12_10_lasb_5.jpgChallenging Long Beach’s Drew Reed for longest distance traveled is the Valley Bikery’s Television Man.


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