Meet Westside Candidate for Congress, Marcy Winograd Wednesday at Bikerowave

Sometimes a worthy event slips through the cracks and I see something that needs highlighting after the "Week in Livable Streets Events" is published.  Tomorrow, at the Bikerowave, 12255 Venice Blvd, Marcy Winograd, Democratic Candidate for Congress, will be the on-hand to talk bikes, politics and policy with volunteers for the Bikerowave, Bikeside, and any members of the general public that want to hear Winograd speak or just like a robust discussion of bikes.

Winograd has a pretty progressive platform and if you read between the lines you can find some pieces of transportation policies such as opposition to offshore drilling, wanting a green "new deal" for job creation, and encourage more federal dollars for mass transit expansion.

  • Winograd is a far lefty who is running in the primary against incumbent Jane Harman. She has already tried that and ended up with 38% of the vote. I bet in the current climate she gets a lot less. I don’t even think her presence will pressure Harman to drift toward these positions.

    Attending may be fun but her chances are pretty low.

  • I don’t agree Dana. She got 38% in a shoe string budget primary joining the fray at the last minute. Now she’s coming in with 4 years of name recognition, a lengthier campaign, and a bigger organization. It’s a democratic primary so the Tea Party effect is not relevant – I’ll bet she pulls at least 45%, and I think she has a chance (which goes without saying if we’re willing to support her.)

  • I have to concur with Alex. I live in that district. There is a wide range across the political spectrum that has been trending left over the past decade.

    I think Winograd pull at least 40-45% in the primary. Am not sure how she would do in the general election. There are some wealthy enclaves, and of course, the remnants of the once mighty (in the area) aerospace industry that will likely trend right. This is why Harman tends to trend more conservative end of the democratic party.

  • I also live in the district and it is increasingly liberal. If Harman was running for the seat today (rather than re-election), she would lose by a landslide in the primary. She would have to run as a Republican to have a chance. She was first elected to Congress when her district was largely liberal Republican. Those people have all moved to Arizona or Colorado because they lost their aerospace jobs. In their place are entertainment industry employees who are not only liberal but also solidly Democratic. Winograd will probably do better than last time but the real question is whether the establishment Dems and the Wall St banks that bankrolled her last election will help out Harman with more money.

  • Jane Debs

    There is also the “throw the bums out” mentality percolating around the country, which probably had a lot to do with the Tea Partyers, but isn’t necessarily only a right wing phenomenon. That may well put Winograd over the top. And Dana, ever since Winograd ran in 2006, Harman has been protecting her left flank in ways she wouldn’t have dreamed of before then.


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