Today’s Headlines

  • Another Piece Praising Villaraigosa and "30 in 10" (Calitics)
  • LA and OC  Transit Leaders Want New HSR Route (LAT)
  • Urban Playground Movement Comes to L.A., and It Packed a Pillow (LAT
  • GOOD Looks at the Hustle on the Marathon Route
  • Gary Rides Bikes Looks at Abundance of Off-Street Car Parking in Santa Monica (via Bikeside)
  • Sigh.  Transit TV Is Back (The Source)
  • LADOT Bike Blog: More Harm Than Good? (Bikeside)
  • Dear Abby, 80-Year-Old Mom’s Driving Scares the Hell Out of Me (Times Record)

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  • Eric B

    Do 84% of Metro riders really enjoy Transit TV? I find it to be one of the biggest headaches (sometimes, literally) about riding Metro. The last few months without it have been the most peaceful Metro rides ever. I’m already willing to give up my insulated personal metallic box, so can they at least let me ride in peace? God forbid one of there customers might want to read on board.

  • Eric B

    Speaking of “reading,” typo: *their customers

  • Erik G.

    I HATE Transit TV, especially the cooking show that makes fun of foreigners and non-whites.