Today’s Headlines

  • Suddenly, Everyone Loves the "30 in 10" Plan (LAT)
  • AMTRAK Will Take Over Metrolink Operations (The Source, Metrolink)
  • CBS Sitcom Builds the Westside Subway for Us (The Source)
  • Is There a Real Market for GM’s Dressed-Up Segways? (Forbes)
  • Look Out San Diego: TAP Cards Coming Your Way? (Press Release)
  • Review of Last Friday’s Critical Mass (Engaged Observer)
  • Recreational Cyclist Claims Bikes Cause More Pollution Than Cars (Before Its News via Biking In L.A.)
  • And What About Cycling’s Scary Impact on Freight Movement (Cyclelicious)
  • Placard Reform 2.0? Mexico City’s Monthly Bike Commutes for Govt Employees (CSM via @Spokesnyt)

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