Today’s Headlines

  • Gov. Vetoes $4 Billion in Budget Cuts (LAT)
  • Cyclist Jen Peterson Looks at Pasadena Bike Plan (Star News)
  • Triathalon Volunteer Who Crashed Motorcycle in 2007 Receives $7 Million Settlement from City (LAT)
  • Poor Road Design Partially to Blame for Teen Pedestrian’s Death in Brentwood (Soap Box)
  • LAPD South Bureau to Get Cameras in Squad Cars Soon (Daily News)
  • How About an "Airline Miles" Type Program for the Bus? (Snob on a Bus)
  • Time to Stop Letting Movies Snarl Our Traffic (Bus Bench)
  • Florida Woman Crashes Car While "Shaving Bikini Area" (AOL News)
  • AAA Promoting Show Using Dangerous Driving for Entertainment (Daily Record)

News from Capitol Hill is Back at DC Streetsblog

  • I can second the Bus Benches’ compliant about street closures and the lack of prior notice. But I don’t see much chance of film closures being curtailed or the studios ponying up to mitigate to any significant extent. The last few years I have worked with Kymberleigh Richards to compile a resource list for detours, etc. that is on the SO.CA.TA website. If anyone knows of further resources that should be added mention them in comments.