Next Week’s L.A. StreetSummit: Workshops and Pre-Registration

Last year’s Bike Summit is this year’s StreetSummit, taking place next week – Thursday March 18th and Saturday March 20th. The summit features opening keynote speakers, and a day full of workshops and networking. It’s hosted by the Urban and Environmental Policy Institute, which urges attendees to pre-register online by next Monday in order to receive free lunch on Saturday.

The summit organizers recently posted the listing of workshops and speakers, including Janette Sadik-Khan, Carl Anthony, Charlie Gandy, Lydia Avila, Don Shoup and many more. The full workshop listing follows after the jump. I’ll be previewing the StreetSummit next week, asking readers to let me know which workshops you’d like me to cover.

Session 1 – 1pm
  • Breakthrough Communities: Sustainability and Justice in the Next American Metropolis – Carl Anthony, Paloma Pavel
  • LA’s Transportation Future: How Congress Can Help – Denny Zane (MoveLA), Hillary Norton (FAST), Shannon Tracy (T4America), Wendy Alfsen (CAWalks)
  • Sidewalk Politics – Bill Roschen, L.A. City Planning Commission
  • Bike Research from the Frontlines – Alexis Lantz, Vicki Karlan, Yogi Hendlin, Herbie Huff, Dorothy Le
  • Learning LA from the Streets – Diane Meyer, "Without a Car in the World"
  • Can we Strengthen the LA Bike Movement? – Ron Milam, Bike Sage
  • Moving People to Good Food and Good Food to People – Mark Vallianatos, UEPI
  • Street Typologies and Measurements – Jane Choi, LA Department of City Planning
  • Crowd Source Bike Mapping – Zane Selvans
  • Bike Racks as Art – Geo McCalip, Cyclist Graphics

Session 2 – 2pm

  • What the Hell is Going on in Long Beach? – Charlie Gandy
  • Diversifying the Bike Movement – Adonia Lugo & Andy Rodriguez, LACBC City of Lights Campaign
  • 2010 LA Bike Plan – Jordan Turner, LA Dpt. of City Planning; Michelle Mowery, LA Dpt. Of Transportation
  • CicLAvia: Car-Free Streets in LA – Stephen Villavaso & Bobby Gadda, CicLAvia
  • Imagining a Narrower LA: The Everyday Impact of Urban Design – David Yoon, Narrow Streets LA
  • Thai Town Marketplace: building a Community Health Zone and Market in East Hollywood – Alexander Holsheimer, Thai Community Development Center
  • Living Streets Part 1: Reclaiming Streets for People
  • Complete the Streets? Street Vending!
  • Building Bike Community Through Political Action – Ted Rogers, BikingInLA
  • Planning for a Cooler California
  • Session 3 – 3pm

  • How Free Parking Gets in the Way of Building Livable Cities – Donald Shoup, Madeline Brozen, Herbie Huff and Kevin Ocubillo; UCLA School of Planning
  • Taco Trucks on the Street
  • Safe Routes to School in Southern California – Jessica Meaney
  • Creating a Sustainable Taxi System – LA Taxi Workers Alliance
  • Scripting a Bicycle Narrative
  • Bikes and Public Transportation – Lynne Goldsmith, Metro Bike Program
  • Livable Streets Part 2: Taking it to the Streets
  • Glendale Safe and Healthy Streets – Colin Bogart, LA County Bicycle Coalition
  • Subverting Urban Planning: A Call for Advocacy Planning and New Standards – Stephanie Taylor, Steve Cancian, Enrique Velazquez, Carrie Sutkin, Marta Sanchez; Verde Coaliton
  • Changing Communities Through Walkability Assessments


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