NetWalkers & Co.™ Troop 90210

NetWalkers & Co.™ Troop 90210™ kicks off Wed., 2/24 at 7:30 at the
Beverly Hills fountain, Santa Monica and Wilshire Boulevards.

Skip the carbs and cocktails. Get outside and walk and connect!

Meet up with neighbors and local business people for an hour-long brisk
walk and conversation. Get it done in time to start the day – whether
you’re working in an office or on your own or in between. Each walk
will include speed introductions, conversation starters, warm-up and
cool-off stretching. This is scheduled to be a regular walk on

NetWalkers & Co.™ Troop 90210™ is organized by Ellen Lutwak, a
Beverly Hills resident who introduced the Walk to School Wednesday
campaign to the local school district.

Get the creative juices flowing and the energy level up!They’re
talking about fighting childhood obesity, but especially in our second
childhood, we need to watch it.

Walk the Green Walk: Recycle and wear a name tag you already have
from a favorite conference or event. (Now you know what to do what that
collection of plastic tags.)

Pedometers will be available for sale in upcoming meet-ups.

Contact Ellen at – walking is an easy way to help build community.


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