The Los Angeles Times Wants to Know What Your Favorite Car Is


Today, while working in "Today’s Headlines," I noticed something peculiar at the Times website.  Instead of just giving me a list of headlines and links, the Paper of Record had me look at a series of pictures and select which ones represented my ideal vacation, what stage of life I was in, and favorite activity.  The purpose of this series, was to help determine my "ideal headlines," consider it a sort of "my yahoo" page to help me navigate the Times.

At the end, presumably to help their advertising department, they asked me to pick my favorite travel website, bank, news source, communications company and non-profit.  Of course, they also asked me what my favorite car company was.  As you would expect, I selected my favorite bike.  It was a tough call between "Trek" and "Metro" in the "type another" section, but that’s why they pay me the big bucks.

I’m sure I’ll get a handful of comments telling me to "lighten up," or something of the sort; I’m not pointing this out to malign the Times or make a cheap shot.  This is just a visual reminder of who it is that funds the mainstream media in America.

  • Personally, I have a policy of stopping listening to anyone after they say “Mainstream Media” but to be fair if you spell it out you at least get a grace period. If you say MSM, that’s it. :)

  • “This is just a visual reminder of who it is that funds the mainstream media in America.”

    I have a friend who works with in the business side of a big national newspaper. Guess which part of the paper is the most profitable?

    The auto section.

    When your paper is full of car ads, and your car selling section is bring home the bacon that keeps you running….it’s simply good business sense to cater to that demographic. Having a headline of “cars are evil” every day may not help your auto section.

  • Oh, and on a related note….yes, the auto section has been hurting in the past year, and the toyota recalls aren’t helping. So if your local paper cuts out another page or two….that might be why

  • The problem is that cars are associated with hot chicks. Pay a bunch of models to seductively stand near bus or light rail vehicles and sell a calender.

  • I would buy that calendar… trouble is when you heat up the chickens they don’t stay in a bunch. It might work better to have attractive women and men pose seductively.


  • The Times tryin’ to get all tech savvy and whatnot…

  • Yes,
    people are always checking on the latest in cars, since new models are
    sprouting almost everyday. Old and new ones come with different prices
    and promos, which is actually a good thing for car buyers ‘coz it gives
    them choices. So, perhaps, it’s a win-win situation for both the
    newspaper and the readers.



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