Biking to Work with Seattle’s Mayor Mike McGinn

From the Livable Streets front lines, Streetfilms’ Clarence Eckerson goes for a bike ride with the bike-commuting Mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn.  There’s a lot of different lessons that can be drawn from this Streetfilm, but one of the major ones that local politicians can take to heart is the man power provided by a group of passionate cyclists is worth its weight in gold.  McGinn was outspent four to one, but road to victory on the strength of his loyal, empowered volunteers.  Looks like a little bike-friendliness can go a long way politically.  Paging Eric Garcetti…

As for McGinn’s policies, I’ll leave the summary to Eckerson who at the Streetfilms site, says:

As you’ll see, McGinn has a lot of great things to say. Particularly exciting is a new website called Ideas for Seattle,
which asks residents what they would like to see the mayor focus on.
Take a look: A good dozen of the current Top 20 could be classified as
livable streets issues. (Note: I think other cities should replicate
this.) So we wish Mayor McGinn the best and can’t wait to check back in
a few years to see what kind of changes have taken place.

  • That’s pretty good. I’m really looking forward to seeing the one about Mayor Villaraigosa biking to work :)

  • to have a mayor that road a bike… makes me think of that song from Clue:

    “life could be a dream”

  • A lot of folks don’t know, but Villaraigosa was a (recreational) cyclist back in his days working for labor unions. He got a back injury (not sure how) and stopped bicycling because of it.

  • Erik G.

    Fine, get Tony a recumbent adult trike! And make him ride it the rain like Mike does!

  • Wow, that web-site is like Digg or reddit, but for local governance. It is too bad that it doesn’t show both up votes and down votes.

    That is a great portal for a politician to prioritize campaign activities and public policy.

    I followed a couple of links and ended up here:

    What an inspiring and useful post!

  • What’s Garcetti got to do with it? Garcetti’s record on bikes includes:

    1) getting buffaloed by Mowery into studying sharrows instead of laying them down, and
    2) that’s all she wrote!

    Greuel, Perry and Caruso are candidates too. I’d take Greuel, you ask me.


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