Today’s Headlines

  • Times Livid with Attempts to Charge Drivers for Infraction…
  • …But Labels Local Revenue Created by Bus Advertising "Money for Pet Projects"
  • Despite Budget Crisis, State Spent Lavishly on Cars (Times)
  • An Ongoing Affair with the LAPD (LACBC Blog)
  • Biking in L.A. Responds to Some of the Dumber Comments in Yesterday’s Times’ Comments Section
  • How About BRT for the Sepulveda Pass? (HuffPo)
  • Metro Will Tweet Service Interruptions (The Source)
  • USC Students Support Expo Phase II (Daily Trojan)
  • Gov Upset About CEQA Stalling Clean Tech Projects, But Not SF Bike Plan (Sac Bee)
  • The History of Policing Critical Mass in SF (SF Streetsblog)
  • With 100 U.S. Traffic Deaths Per Day, Sticky Gas Pedals Are the Least of It (AOL)

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