Today’s Headlines

  • Times Livid with Attempts to Charge Drivers for Infraction…
  • …But Labels Local Revenue Created by Bus Advertising "Money for Pet Projects"
  • Despite Budget Crisis, State Spent Lavishly on Cars (Times)
  • An Ongoing Affair with the LAPD (LACBC Blog)
  • Biking in L.A. Responds to Some of the Dumber Comments in Yesterday’s Times’ Comments Section
  • How About BRT for the Sepulveda Pass? (HuffPo)
  • Metro Will Tweet Service Interruptions (The Source)
  • USC Students Support Expo Phase II (Daily Trojan)
  • Gov Upset About CEQA Stalling Clean Tech Projects, But Not SF Bike Plan (Sac Bee)
  • The History of Policing Critical Mass in SF (SF Streetsblog)
  • With 100 U.S. Traffic Deaths Per Day, Sticky Gas Pedals Are the Least of It (AOL)

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  • Chewie

    $45 million for new vehicles. Mainly from the Highway Patrol, Caltrans, and Parks & Rec according to the article. I guess the Highway Patrol has to buy cars (or stop patrolling the highway, another hidden cost of highways!). Parks and Rec probably could have bought bikes instead. I wouldn’t have expected anything different from Caltrans, although, depending on what the cars are used for, perhaps they could have bought transit passes for their employees instead.

    Nowhere in the article does it say “take home vehicle fleet” or anything to that effect though.

  • Yay Dammien – you still have a great eye for the biased/contradictory wording in local press accounts.

    These semantics are so important to call out, because they frame the way people think about the news. For example, when Stephen Box correctly points out that a hit-and-run is not an “accident.” Keep up the good work!

  • Apologie, Chewie. I must have gotten my stories mixed up. I’ve changed the wording in my headlines.