KPCC Looking for Your Hit and Run Stories

5_20_09_roadblock_sign.jpgFrom last May on Glendale Boulevard.

Late Wednesday afternoon, after all of the excitement over an anti-harassment ordinance for cyclists, KPCC sent out an email looking for your hit-and-run stories. Presumably, they are just looking for cyclists that were involved, and not drivers, and you can read the full email from KPCC’s Sharon McNary below:

Hello from Sharon McNary in the KPCC newsroom. I’m writing to you and about 75 others in the Insight Network of news sources who had previously responded to some questions I had about your financial relationship with a bicycle. Today’s questions concern your safety when you’re riding, specifically whether you’ve ever been in a bike-car collision or witnessed one.

Here’s the link to the questions:

One of our reporters is going to a meeting of the Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee at which cyclists will look at how well law enforcement is responding to reports of hit-and-run bike-car collisions. She’d like to interview a few people this week who have been involved in such incidents. If you can help her out by being a news source, I’d appreciate your taking a few minutes to respond to the questions. You are also welcome to circulate the link to the questions to your personal networks, blogs or bike communities in Southern California.

You can see other questions our newsroom is asking at our website,

Thanks very much for being part of the Insight Network of news sources for KPCC and Southern California Public Radio. Ride safe out there,

Sharon McNary

Public Insight Journalism at KPCC

  • Thanks, Damien, for posting this…We’ve gotten many responses in just a few hours. This truly helps our understanding of the issue and our reporting.



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