Design Your Own Park – Meeting on Olympic and Grand Linear Park – Tonight!

1_7_10_olympic_and_grand.jpgA map of the project area provided by Deborah Murphy Urban Design and Planning

Yesterday the Los Angeles Times featured a story on what the Community Redevelopment Agency’s (CRA) plan to bring a linear park to the corner of Olympic and Grand.  The Times does an excellent job explaining what the CRA is planning, but misses a key point.  A workshop, sponsored by the CRA and the Department of Recreation and Parks, will be held tonight to gather community feedback on what the linear park should look like.  but first, the Times explains the basics of the project:

In a city that spent the last century paving over the natural
landscape, the idea that a small swath of asphalt might be going green
is a bit of an anomaly.

But that’s what the Community
Redevelopment Agency is proposing for a stretch of Grand Avenue in
downtown Los Angeles’ South Park neighborhood. The idea is to narrow
the street between 9th Street and Olympic by two lanes — and use the
extra land for open space.

So far, there seems to be a push from some community advocates to make the park a "dog park," but nothing has been decided yet.  Deborah Murphy, the consultant for the project, outlined over the phone an impressive outreach schedule for the project which features five community workshops and a bus tour.  The first of those workshops will be held tonight at 6:30 P.M. in the Public Works Building, 1149 S. Broadway, Room SB6, and will focus on a brainstorming session devoted to prioritizing the features that the community wants to see in the new park. 

If you live in the area and can’t make tonight’s meeting, you should consider joining a bus tour of similar parks designed to spark more ideas and conversation on the future of the Olympic and Grand Linear Park.  The bus tour will meet on west side of Grand Avenue between 9th & Olympic Blvd.  This tour is one of several being planned by the CRA for different projects throughout the city.  For a more complete picture of all of the outreach for the Olympic and Grand Linear Park, as well as the Nevin Elementary School Park, Slauson-Wall Park, and Ord and Yale Street Park; visit the Streetsblog Calendar Section.

(Full disclosure: Murphy is the founder and executive director of Los Angeles Walks.  I serve as the Planning Director on the group’s Board of Directors.)

  • I like this idea. We, Civil Development Group, were kind of working together with a class of Master’s program to do something similar in the Downtown Harlem area. There is a huge amount of people wanting to try and plant more trees and create a more natural looking Downtown. I hope they continue to narrow the less traveled streets to add more green.

    I am not sure how many people will like these ideas once they are labeled purely dog parks though.

  • How is this okay to do without a full EIR? When I spoke with Michael Uyeno of the LADOT’s Bikeways and Grants Management office/bureau/whatever at the NELA Bike Plan meeting a few months ago he was pretty much insistent that any lane removals in the City of LA would trigger and EIR for both the plan to remove them and the actual construction too. Two EIR’s for a bike lane/traffic calming on Figueroa in North East LA – but none for some “linear park in DTLA? What is going on?

  • The new football stadium going up triggered an EIR, and I think the governor was the one who just kind of passed the project anyways. I still think some stuff being built in the city is has a look the other way through certain agencies. Now does anyone thinking going more green in Downtown is a bad thing?

  • gm

    wow, a “dog park” for designer dogs.


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