Happy Holidays and See You Soon…


Well, another calendar year is coming to a close and it’s time for Streetsblog to go dark for a couple of days.  This year has been an amazing one for me personally as well as professionally.  Most of you remember that this year saw the birth of my son who reminds me on a daily basis why it is we do what we do for this city and for our streets.

Professionally, Streetsblog Los Angeles has continued to grow.  Our daily readership has nearly doubled from last year at this time and it seems that everytime I go out with my Charlie Brown T-shirt or Gunpowder, it seems as though I run into someone new who reads Streetsblog and takes part in what we’re trying to do here.  We have some exciting expansion plans for next year, pending my ability to fundraise.  Keep your fingers crossed!

In addition to my family, I’d like to single out a couple of people that have really helped me.  Joe Linton, Dana Gabbard, and Stephen Box have been with me seemingly every step of the way providing ideas, backgrounds, and, when necessary, corrections.  Also a thanks to the group of writers that covered my back during paternity leave and Browne Molyneux for suggesting the Eastside Safety Ride, which was probably my favorite story to "research" this year.

And we’re not going completely dark…come back next week for the Streetsie Awards!  There will be a new post everyday starting with the nominees for "Livable Streets Person of the Year."  Check back Monday for the nominees, and vote often!

Happy Holidays,


  • Sorry to hijack this thread, but I would like to throw this out to all the bike, ped, and transit people in LA:

    This past LA Transportation Committee meeting, Councilman Rosendahl asked the LADOT’s Michelle Mowery a bunch of questions. He got to look like a hero, and we never really got a solid answer from Mowery on much of anything.

    Here is a question we need to ask again and again: “Councilman/Mayor do you support removing car capacity or parking in your district and adding bike facilities/wider sidewalks, bus lanes and drop-off points”

    If a grandstanding councilman can’t answer that question in the affirmative, then they move from the “friends” column over to the “foes” column. The time for questions about process are just about over – we all want something done. That will require a change in the political climate, and that can only happen when we boldly assert what we want: more room for other transportation modes, and less room for cars.

    There are a bunch of ways to sell this, but that is the basic point. We need 8 council votes and the mayor’s direction to make LA more livable. Clearly public comment time is not enough.

    Let’s do this!

  • I’m glad that anything I offered proved of value.

    It has been a painful year for transit and sadly 2010 isn’t looking to be much happier. And we just lost Sue Doyle at the Daily News who tried to keep providing some coverage of Metro while covering multiple other beats. The L.A. Times has hollowed out and is mostly useless. This blog is a ray of light and much appreciated.


  • walker o

    HSR rail is a greenwashed concept and induces sprawl.


    Who supports it? Crony contractors and central valley land speculators who plan on building more sprawl for 10s of miles around each HSR station.


  • Wow, that is an interesting take on High Speed Rail. I think it is stupid to call development around a train station “sprawl”, but that is your choice.


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