Today’s Headlines

  • Metro Offers Free New Years Service on Trains, and to Rose Bowl (The Source)
  • But Free Ride Doesn’t Include Orange Line (Daily News)
  • Yes It Does (Metro Press Release, Yet to Be Posted Online)
  • Truckers Protest Diesel Rule for Ports (Land Line)
  • Clean Truck Program Wins E.P.A. Award (Daily Breeze)
  • Driver Sought in Deadly Hit and Run with Cyclist in NoHo (CBS2, LAist)
  • Pedestrian Killed in Arts District When Car Jumps Curb.  Driver Claims Mechanical Failure.  LAPD Claim Manslaughter (Downtown News)
  • In L..A. Santa Rides a Bicycle (City Watch)
  • If Motorists Can’t Tell Time, How the Hell Will They Figure This Out? (Telegraph)

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  • It is sad Chrystal from Redlands in commenting on the Daily News article on the Orange Line notes while Metro mentioned the owl 656 they forgot that line 150 runs all night along Ventura Blvd. As she notes “The MTA was stupid not to tell this reporter about this line.” And I can’t disagree with her on that.

  • Bulletin: whining by a 2-3 folks constitutes “outrage from some of its passengers” and as a consequence Metro is “under fire”. The usual “The Valley is robbed” Daily News storyline, hopefully now squelched by Art Leahy’s decision to run the Orange Line overnight for New Year’s Eve revelers. A triumph of the clueless “fair share” mentality. Sheesh!

  • Erik G.

    But I thought the Orange “Line” BRT was “just like rail”. Oh, it isn’t?

    (OK, now it is.)