Huge Eco-ART Public Billboard– Curtain “Drop”

hip event features “live” 7pm curtain drop to reveal hand painted art
billboard installed right over the gallery. Plus gallery show, Eco-LA
Recovery Room "green" accessories, DJ– libations.


Today’s Headlines

A Pretty Actress Takes the Bus and Walks in Los Angeles (LA Times) 14 People Injured on a Bus in the Crenshaw District Reports a San Francisco Paper (SF Examiner) Montreal a Carless City? (CBC News) CarFREE Condo in Toronto (Inside Toronto) Opinions on the Opinions of the Times Expo Line Story (LA Wave) LA […]

Two Weeks Until the Streetsblog Eco-Village Fundraiser…

Two weeks from today, on April 15 at 6:00 P.M., Los Angeles Streetsblog will roll back into the Eco-Village for our 2nd Annual Eco-Village Fundraiser.  Since our announcement two weeks ago, a lot of you have volunteered to help make the event a truly memorable one. Let’s give a rundown of some of the highlights […]

Streetfilms con subtítulos: Eco-Village

The good news? David Barboza has translated another “L.A. Streetfilm” and provided subtitles for a classic Streetfilm. If there’s one group of people that have supported Streetsblog and everything we’ve been trying to do, it’s the Los Angeles Eco-Village. Both as an organization, the Eco-Village has sponsored two fundraisers, and as individuals, it seems everytime […]

The Amazing Car-Free Party at Wilshire Center

Back when I first started writing Street Heat, I vowed to not just write Car Culture story after Car Culture Story because the focus on Angelnos’ love affair with their cars is "beyond cliche." Today, Car Culture got a kick in the shin as the Wilshire Center Cool District celebrated Earth Day by shutting down […]