Today’s Headlines

  • Witness: Driver in Tuesday’s Downtown Pedestrian Dragging Intentionally Hit Victim (Times)
  • Here’s the Interview Where Leahy Compares His Hiring Practices to USC Football (Transit Talent)
  • New Police Chief: I Will Not Let You Down (Daily News)
  • LAist has the Details on Rosendahl’s Anti-Bicycling Harassment Law
  • Tons of Good Bicycling News from SF Streetsblog
  • Entitlement: BMW Owner Blasts Public Sidewalk/Curb To Widen Driveway (Curbed)
  • Festival of Lights Opens with Bike Only Night.  (Daily News)
  • Festival of Rights Is 12/18 (Midnight Ridazz)
  • They Don’t Have a Comments Section, But They Do Have a Letters Page (The Source)

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