Today’s Headlines

  • But His Environmental Review Was Good Enough for the Governor…DA Looking Into Rampant Conflict of Interest in Industry (Times)
  • Bloomberg News on Mayor’s "Creative" Plan to Extend the Subway
  • State Needs $20.7 Billion to Balance Budget (SacBee)
  • Leahy on 405 Controversy: both O.C. and L.A. Outgrowing Freeways (ABC7)
  • Green Line Extension, Crenshaw Light Rail Line Move Forward (The Source)
  • Eastside Extension Getting Positive Reviews (Rafu Shimpo)
  • Intercity Bus Service: Recession-Proof (Globe)
  • Someone Stole No Impact Man’s Bike! …Now It’s Back!

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  • Some more interesting articles from the Daily Trojan:

    In LAPD takes new approach to enforcing bike laws
    “Carlisle said LAPD reported that it noticed many motor vehicles failing to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk, and it plans to return Thursday to address the issue.

    “It appears they will be back tomorrow to monitor areas such as Hoover and 28th [Street] and Hoover and Adams [Boulevard] because of the number of vehicles ignoring pedestrians in crosswalks,” Carlisle said.”

    But whats up with this?

    “While the task force is not considering a campus-wide bicycle ban — a solution raised by the Department of Public Safety last semester — Becker believes that some restricted access for bicycles lies in the future.

    “The campus can only accommodate so many bicycles, so in the end one of the ideas that we’ve come up with is having landing spots where you park your bike somewhere and then walk to wherever you’re going,” Becker explained.”

    I dont go to USC, and I dont understand their attitude. The administration fought the expo line, and now bikes are the villains? I also dont understand why the Daily Trojan is so content to push the “dangerous bikes” line. These articles have almost no reporting. Instead of questioning the tactics taken by USC, they just repeat them