Today’s Headlines

  • Orange County Doesn’t Get That They Can’t Widen Their Way Out of Congestion (Times)
  • Highway Building Destroying Rainforest in Brazil (Planetizen)
  • Daily News Editorial: Metrolink Should CUT Fares to Raise Revenue
  • Bikes/Peds Compete with Street Furniture for Funding (City Watch)
  • Reading the Tweets on the Gold Line Eastside Extension (The Source)
  • Council Expected to Promote Charlie Beck to Top Cop Later Today (Daily News)
  • Walkable Communities: The Key to Reducing Demand for Energy (TNR)
  • Rational Concerns About Safety Seem to Guide Philly PD’s Stepped Up Cycling Enforcement (Inquirer)
  • Angels Flight Still Not Open, CPUC Meeting Next Week (Curbed)

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  • I’m sorry, but Stephen Box’s story should be at the top of the page all day long, with a mega-headline.

    The City is deciding, tomorrow, on how to allocate a huge chunk of Measure R money – and they’re cutting the Bike/Ped project budget (a measly 10% of the total)!

    We need to bring the noise.

  • USC will be ticketing cyclists again if they do not walk their bikes across a crosswalk.