Tonight: Transportation Advocates Present Their Vision at the 7th and Fig Art Center


Ok everyone, maybe we need to talk about the purpose of a calendar section. This is the second day in a row that I’ve been tipped off to an outstanding event less than twenty four hours before it occurs. The purpose is to send me awesome and educational events much earlier so I can get them on my calendar and attend instead of just writing a preview before hand.

Nevertheless, tonight at the 7th and Figueroa Art Center, the same place that hosted James Rojas’ Interactive Car-Free Model last year, the HABEAS LOUNGE exhibit will sponsor a series of discussion about the future of bicycles and public transportation in Los Angeles. Their speakers and presenters are an impressive list of names that Streetsbloggers will recognize, such as Josef Bray-Ali of the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop and Esperanza "Super Pasajera" Martinez of the Bus Riders Union, to some names we should discuss more here and don’t such as Ilaria Mazzoleni of Sci-arc and the cast of charachters that lead CicLAvia.

The gallery will be open all evening as part of the Downtown Art Walk, but the presentations don’t start until 5:45. Bonus points to the organizers for including transit directions and bike valet, but no driving directions in the announcement. Full details can be found after the jump.

Art Walk night @ HABEAS LOUNGE will be all about bicycles and public transportation. Pricey parking lots, scarce street parking, the threat of being towed…bicycle, metro and bus are THE alternative ways to get around DTLA and we want to hear what you think! This is the last in an 8 week series of events, "HABEAS LOUNGE: A PLURALISTIC DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES".

Advocates will be on hand to share their experiences and visions for transportation in LA, as well as challenges, from proposed master bike plans to everyday commuting. Participants include Guy Bagley (bicycle messenger/DTLA), Nathan Baird (MTA), Josef Bray-Ali (Flying Pigeon), Clifford Johnson (Asymptotia), Alex Kenefick (LA County Bicycle Coalition), Esperanza Martinez (Bus Riders Union), Ilaria Mazzoleni (SCI-ARC), Michelle Mowry (LA DOT), cooks from the Bicycle Kitchen, CicLAvia project members (Bobby Gadda, Sandra Hamlat,Adonia Lugo, Aaron Paley Stephen Villavaso), and YOU!

Take the Metro Red Line from the Pershing Square station to 7th + Metro or ride up 7th Street from the Art Walk to dialogue, discuss, debate, or learn ways to connect to the carless city.

A bicycle valet service will be provided by the LA County Bicycle Coalition. Show your support for 7+FIG’s decision to allow the bike valet by riding your bike so you can use the valet.

During the event, check out the HABEAS LOUNGE, designed by Ilaria Mazzoleni: a cardboard sofa built from bike boxes by architect Nina Marie Barbuto, projections of classic/contemporary DTLA films selected by Linda Pollack and Maryam Hosseinzadeh, maps and bottled specimens from workshops by Katie Bachler, urban placemaking by James Jones, film footage of LA shot from a helicopter and a Pontiac G6 by Italian artists/architects ERGOT, an oversized Metro map, and more..

5.45 – You Have HABEAS
About HABEAS LOUNGE, Its Design and Mission
6.00 – Re-Designing How LA Moves
including a feasibility study for a pilot bike sharing program in Wilshire Center, produced by the Critical Mass class at SCI-Arc (Prof. Ilaria Mazzoleni) and CICLO a bike sharing plan proposal for USC
6.30 – Pedaling The Path
Open Discussion on Current Bike and Public Transportation Experiences/Issues/Challenges in LA With Advocates and Users:
7.30 – Tracing Our Path
Discussion-Based Mapping Exercise On The Gallery Wall
8.00 – HABEAS LOUNGE Artists Talk About Their Work and The City
8.30 – DJ Emilio Dance Party


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