A Cab-Eye View of the Gold Line Eastside Extension

Our friend and light rail enthusiast Darrell Clarke brings us video of a ride on the Gold Line Eastside Extension from the front of the cab.  Clarke took the video during the "preview" Metro held for press last Friday.  Thanks to Clarke’s placement near a speaker, this video is a perfect substitute for actually having been at the event yourself.  You can listen as Metro gives its Eastside Tour even as you look out the front window of the train as it travels though the Eastside to the Atlantic Avenue stop.

The full text of Clarke’s email, and the videos are available after the jump:

Here is the view through operator’s window during a preview ride in a Breda train on Los Angeles’ Eastside Gold Line, last Friday, 11/6/09. The line
opens to the public next Sunday, 11/15/09. Go to YouTube and use the full screen and HD for the best ride!

Part 1 of 2 is Union Station to 1st & Lorena:

Part 2 of 2 is the rest of the way to 3rd & Atlantic:

The video skips time stopped in stations; total travel time was about 22 minutes for the six miles. Signal priority / synchronization was working
well, with little or no train delay at most intersections. The most significant was waiting about 35 seconds to turn onto 3rd from the Indiana station.

For a series of recent construction photos and a map see my recent post at the Light Rail Blog.


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