Today’s Headlines

  • Road Rage Doc Takes the Stand (Velo News, Biking in LA)
  • Villaraigosa Narrows Field to Replace Bratton to Three Insiders (Times)
  • Six National Bills to Tell Your Congressperson to Support (Mobilizing The Region)
  • Bike Working Group, CICLE, LACBC Agree: We Need More than One Bike Coordinator at LADOT (CICLE)
  • Bike Summit 2010: Now With Pedestrians! (UEPI)
  • How Many Traffic Laws Must Maria Schriver Break Before Someone Stops Her (Times)
  • State Transit Group Looks to Protect Transit Funds at Ballot Box (The Source)
  • Should City Crack Down on Illegal Street Vendors? (Daily News)
  • Even Snug in Bed, You’re Not Safe From Out-of-Control Motorists (CNN)
  • Barriers Designed to Stop Mudflows Also Messing with Ped. Access (Glendale News Press)
  • Bike Portland Reviews Book, "How to Live Well Without Owning a Car" 

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  • DJB

    No, we shouldn’t crack down on street vendors. Poor people selling non-drug items to survive is very far from immoral. The city should be ashamed of itself for hassling people’s legitimate attempts to make a living. If you’re selling from a push cart, you should be exempt from business taxes. As far as food safety goes, I’m pretty sure people understand that there’s an element of risk in street food.

    Echo Park homeowners feel crowded out by vendors, boo hoo. That’s hardly a Shakespearean tragedy. The street vendors are scraping up rent and food money, let’s have a little perspective.