Traffic Author Tom Vanderbilt at Cal State San Bernadino Tomorrow

If any of our friends at Cal State San Bernadino happen to be reading Streetsblog in the next thirty hours, they should make a point to visit Tom Vanderbilt’s open lectures tomorrow. Vanderbilt is the bestselling author of Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (And What it Says About Us) and something of a favorite for Livable Streets advocates. His name pops up in a lot of Streetsblog stories as his viewpoint and research are second-to-none. My favorite Vanderbilt story features him talking about Motorist Sociopathy
Of course, you can also read all about Vanderbilt at his personal blog How We Drive.

His talks tomorrow are at noon and 6:oo P.M. in the Santos Manuel Student Union. Directions to the campus can be found on the campus website.


LA Isn’t the Only Place with Bike Vs Car Incidents

Two recent road rage incidents are all over the news in Portland. Earlier this month, a drunken man on a bike became aggravated when a driver, himself a self-described bike advocate, reprimanded the cyclist for blowing a stoplight. The cyclist threatened the driver, picking up his bike and hitting the car with it. Then this […]

Schwarzenegger Proposes Making the 405 a Double Decker Freeway

To the casual observer, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger seems like an environmental crusader.  He signs anti-sprawl legislation, he sues the federal government over emission standards for automobiles, he flies around the world to attend greenhouse gas conferences. But to those of us that live here and have been working to clean and green our transportation system; […]