Today’s Headlines

  • Road Rage Doc’s Lawyer Blaming the Victims at Trial (Times)
  • 10% of CA Drivers Have Disabled Placard?  State Cracksdown (NYT)
  • River Enviros Worried About HSR’s Impact on LA River, Development Plans… (Times)
  • …Including Contributor Joe Linton.  More on His Thoughts (Creak Freak)
  • Car Free for a Cause: 30k Take Part in AIDS Walk (Times)
  • Tru Threatens Jail to City Workers, Council Woman Defending L.A. Live’s New Billboards (Times)
  • Search for Police Chief Gets Serious This Week (Daily News)
  • In Praise of Pedicabs (NYT)
  • LaHood Shows Love, But Not Money, for Twin Cities’ Green Transport Hub (Forbes)
  • New on Google Street View: Pics of Car-Free Places (PC World)

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    Velonews also has a piece on opening of Mandeville trial. A piece of info I wasn’t aware of that is pretty damning is “Dr. Christopher Thomas Thompson called 911 and told the operator, “They’ll tell you they are seriously injured, but they’re not.” ” Bleeding profusely with broken bones and a barely attached nose sounds pretty serious, hard to believe a medical professional would seriously say such a thing.

  • Max 5 years for an attempted murder on two people? I am disgusted by the justice system of Los Angeles. You know he’s not going to get the max in the end too.