Today’s Headlines

  • Chilling Photo of the Daughter of Slain Tucson Tandem Riders (Westside BikeSIDE)
  • NYC hosts Walk21 Pedestrian Conference (NYC StreetsBlog)
  • What’s Worse for Drivers: Texting or Alcohol? (KCET)
  • How Not to Drive along the Gold Line Eastside Extension (Curbed LA)
  • Librarian Reviews David Byrne Event (Stacked Books)
  • October is Transportation Meetings month: – Wilshire Bus Lanes,
    Crenshaw Corridor, Rosa Parks Station, Harbor Transit Corridor, Subway
    to the Sea, and some Bike Plan (LAist)
  • Seems Like Bike Theft Season – Some Motivational Videos (Hal1 Hal2 and Hal3 via StreetFilms, Neistat Brothers’ Bike Thief via Life without Wheels, and La Prueba de la Bicicleta via Copenhagenize)
  • Today’s Guest Writer Bio: It’s Joe Again! (LA Streetsblog)

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