Today’s Headlines

  • Chilling Photo of the Daughter of Slain Tucson Tandem Riders (Westside BikeSIDE)
  • NYC hosts Walk21 Pedestrian Conference (NYC StreetsBlog)
  • What’s Worse for Drivers: Texting or Alcohol? (KCET)
  • How Not to Drive along the Gold Line Eastside Extension (Curbed LA)
  • Librarian Reviews David Byrne Event (Stacked Books)
  • October is Transportation Meetings month: – Wilshire Bus Lanes,
    Crenshaw Corridor, Rosa Parks Station, Harbor Transit Corridor, Subway
    to the Sea, and some Bike Plan (LAist)
  • Seems Like Bike Theft Season – Some Motivational Videos (Hal1 Hal2 and Hal3 via StreetFilms, Neistat Brothers’ Bike Thief via Life without Wheels, and La Prueba de la Bicicleta via Copenhagenize)
  • Today’s Guest Writer Bio: It’s Joe Again! (LA Streetsblog)

More headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill

  • Rich Wilson

    Prepare yourself if you’re going to read the comments on the actual news article linked in the Chilling Photo blog.

    I want to run screaming. Somewhere. Anywhere.

  • Westside Bikeside re-posted the story from the Tucson Bike Lawyer blog, but the slain riders are from San Antonio Texas. I wrote my own take with links to additional articles and details of the tragedy on my blog. The image of that little girl and the honor guard made up of local cyclists really hit me.

  • I find LA Curbed amazing. There is no talk about Darwin when one of them almost get hit.

    The people who comment there even more amazing. I said pretty much the same thing as Dakota and pointed out the dangers and got 100 comment of it’s ok for people to die or something like that.

    The Gold Line is dangerous. People are going to die because Metro couldn’t bother to make an effort because the people on the Eastide aren’t viewed as valuable.

    And what will Metro do when people die, put up some trailers and pass out flyers like they do in Watts after someone gets killed by the Blue Line. I hope Art delays the opening until they add some more active safety devices, that whole Eastside is wide open. Whoever designed that should be put in jail for involuntary manslaughter, no voluntary, they know it’s going to kill people, but that’s why they threw up those cameras so they can blame indivividual drivers instead of Metro.


  • I find it odd that LA Curbed saying the exact same thing that I said (and Goodmon has said) and is met with a: “Wow I guess it is unsafe.” I’m talking about the comments at LA Curbed.

    I write a story. Take time to do more than almost get hit and I get 100 statements about Darwin. Also when they linked my story at LA Eastside it was met with lots of: “Well that one is angry.”

    It’s not about me being angry. It’s about me stating the obvious.

    Maybe if you have a car your words mean more in the blogosphere.