Introducing Today’s Guest Writers: Browne Molyneux and Randall Flemming

The Bus Bench is one of the few websites that I go to on a near-daily basis to read the news and opinions of a series of writers including those of Randall "BusTard" Flemming and Browne Molyneux. The Bus Bench’s dynamic duo bring voices to the transportation reform movement from a number of angles that are too often under-represented on the Internet.

10_8_09_ran_and_browne.jpgPhoto: Steve Payne

Browne Molyneux is a freelance journalist, conceptual artist and a friendly gadfly in the LA based blogosphere. She runs an information space called The Public Library. She formerly wrote a transportation column for LA City Beat: Tracks and is a contributor to LA Eastside. She does not own a motorized vehicle, but she does have a bike and a TAP card.

RANDALL (BusTard) FLEMING has spent two decades working in most every facet of publishing. A former magazine publisher (Angry Thoreauan, 1987-2001), he has also contributed to a great many books, periodicals and newspapers in Los Angeles and New York: New York Post, Brooklyn Spectator, Discover Hollywood!, Ben Is Dead, Flipside, Los Feliz Ledger, Sabotage in The American Workplace (Pressure Drop Press), Notes From the Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture (Verso), and several of the Unreinforced Masonry Studio books about Los Angeles.


LA Eastside on Buses as Part of the Community

Browne Molyneux, one of the talented writers at the Bus Bench, has a new article up at LA Eastside, which highlights the role buses can take in the neighborhood as a part of the community. Molyneux, no fan of Metro, compares her experience on the Montebello #40 with those of her experiences on Metro. The […]

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Streetsblog Interview: Browne Molyneaux

Browne Poses with Her New TAP Card When I first stumbled on the Bus Bench it was during their “Dead Escalator Series” where Randall “Bus Tard” Fleming basically took pictures of all the escalators around Metro sites that didn’t work.  The Bus Bench became a regular read for me because it provided an alternative viewpoint […]

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