Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood Sez Txtng Whil Drvng Mtng Is "Most Important Meeting in the History of U.S. DOT" (NYT)
  • Santa Monica’s Dubious Bike Licensing Laws (Gary Rides Bikes)
  • L.A. Caltrans District Head Doug Failing Moving to Metro (SoapBoxLA)
  • Bicyclist Bill of Rights at Neighborhood Council Summit This Saturday (WestsideBikeSIDE)
  • Metro Seeking Input to Improve Rosa Parks Metro Blue/Green Lines Station (LAist)
  • California Supreme Court Denies Transit Funding Raid (SF StreetsBlog
  • David Byrne’s Bike Talks a Hit in San Francisco (SF StreetsBlog) Austin (Austin on Two Wheels) and New York City (StreetsBlog). Catch Byrne in L.A. tonight (ALOUD)

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