Today’s Headlines

  • City Council Approves Plan for Layoffs and Furloughs (Times)
  • Suit to Slow Bullet Train Stopped (Curbed)
  • Feds Decide to Burn, I mean Fund LA-LV Maglev Study for, $45 Million (Times)
  • Amtrak to Bend Over Backwards for Gun-Carrying Passengers, Thanks to Senate Vote (DC Examiner)
  • Mar Vista Goes Green (Green LA Girl)
  • Moving Towards a 24-Hour Broadway, a 7-11 Opens (blogdowntown)
  • How Do You Bring Opera to the People? Stage It in the Street (Brooklyn Eagle)
  • Meet Valley College’s Winona Rydas (Valley Star)

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  • DJB

    NPR’s doing a series of stories on Houston’s urban form. It’s not our geography, but it’s a mainstream audience talking about a planning issue (golden opportunity).

  • Don’t get all bent over shape over the guns on Amtrak thing. They did it before 9/11 and they still do it on planes. If people want to take the train to their hunting or shooting competition, I say the more the merrier. I’m sure half of Amtrak passengers are already packing heat anyway, so I don’t see the need to discourage law abiding gun owners from riding the train.

  • angle

    How about if my gun looks like a bike – can I bring it on the train? Please?