Cartoon Tuesday: Walking Ewww

I know this commercial is for "last year’s" L.A. County Fair, but they’re using the same one this year and there’s no expiration date on Cartoon Tuesday pieces.

In what I’m choosing to view as an indictment of car-culture, our three heroines have a little bit of trouble at the fair’s bumper cars.  The whole mess of a commercial is a gigantic spectacle, and I’ve never been entirely comfortable with a children’s game that encourages young people that it’s fun to hit each other with their cars; but I’m convinced the people that wrote the advertisement are on our side and are using the fair’s megaphone to spread our message that car dependence can have some awful side effects.  I could easily re-post this video with a "This is your brain on cars" tagline.

And for anyone bothered that Streetsblog would feature an advertisement with such blatantly sexist undertones, the advertisement would be just as powerful if they replaced the Valley Girls with some random male stereotype.  And, I hope you know that I have nothing but the strongest respect for the smart, powerful, amazing trailblazers that happen to be women that are a part of the Livable Streets movement in Los Angeles.

  • Why do you take commercials so seriously? I loved bumper cars as a kid. No matter what my beliefs on transportation are, I’m still going to love the old school bumper cars.

    You’d probably be happy to know that places like Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland have significantly toned down their bumper cars attractions. You cannot hit other riders and you can only go one way. If you do, the operator will kick you out. It really sucks, well, to normal people!

  • I didn’t think I was taking this one seriously. I put it up for the laugh.

    That being said, I take television commercials seriously because the messages they send are viewed by millions of people (kids, adults, seniors, all ages). When they’re sending a crappy message, they deserve to get called on it.

  • Another LA County Fair commercial talks about the virtues of eating your vegetables and eating right. Fried artichoke and Krispy Kreme chicken sandwhiches, that is.

    Do we sanitize the ad industry so people who can’t detect sarcasm or a harmless joke don’t get hurt?

  • Oh man, I hate these commercials. As a lover of all this fair related (giant veggies, fried Oreos, Alaskan racing pigs etc) as well as a huge cheerleader for LA and all its lovely residents, these commercials make we want to avoid the fair and move the heck out of LA. Sigh. But of course, I won’t do either. However, I do feel that neither is represented accurately. Just another attempt to reinforce LA stereotypes that hold little truth to begin with. Except the texting while drive/bumping bit. I see that nonsense everyday.


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