CD 2 Canidate Mary Benson: Yay Bicyclists and Pedestrians!

She may not have filled out our CD 2 Candidate Questionaire, but fresh from his trip to Austrailia Stephen Box brings us this video of Benson rallying to the virtues of biking and walking in L.A.  To the cheers of supporters, Benson says:

Hi, I’m Mary Benson and I’m running for Los Angeles City Council.  I want to give a big shout out to my friends at the Bike Writer’s Collective and bicyclists in the City of Los Angeles who deserve to be safe on the streets as do pedestrians and every other person that dares to stand up to a car.  Thank you, and vote for me on September 22.

While it’s always great to hear a candidate talk the talk on alternative transportation; it doesn’t give us a lot of details.  Box, in his introduction to the video on his facebook page, fills in some of the gaps.

Mary Benson is running for the open CD2 seat and tonight I caught up with her in Tujunga.

is a strong community advocate and I have worked with her on the
California State Parks Common Ground Committee. She is powerfully
knowledgeable about land use, environmental and public space issues and
she is a strong advocate for the community.

I have also worked
with Mary on Neighborhood Council issues city-wide and she has always
been a fervent believer in grass roots politics and local

Most recently, Mary has worked with me to push
for the release of LA’s Bike Plan and to fight to ensure that the Bike
Plan lays down a real vision with real standards and that it truly
support cycling as a transportation solution.

Visit for more information.

(note to Benson’s staff on the questionnaire: I mailed it to you, but if you lost it you can find a copy of it here.  Just fill it out and email it back to


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