Today’s Headlines

  • Gov. Tries to Remove Transportation Commissioner for Wanting Review of PPP (Times)
  • Soap Box Destroys Metro’s Customer Service and Surveys
  • City Wants to Revitalize Crenshaw, Free it from Car Dominance (Times)
  • Sydney is Kicking Our Butts (City Watch)
  • Looking to Waste Time?  Try Driving in L.A. (Mother Nature, Green LA Girl)
  • If You’ve Been Involved in a Hit and Run, Tell Your Story Here (Midnight Ridazz)
  • BRT Debuts in Johannesburg (AFP via Planetizen)
  • The Rich Get Richer: Copenhagen Looking to Launch Third-Gen Bike-Share System (Copenhagenize)
  • Colorado Brewery Promotes Going Car-Free (Imagine No Cars via

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  • David Galvan

    Thought people here might enjoy this:

    CNN did one of their i-report calls asking people to go one day without using a car, just to try it out. There is an interesting range of responses, but they seem to articulate the main problems that make it impractical for most people to go carless: long waits for the bus, people unwilling to cycle due to safety concerns, the overall additional time required vs. driving.